10 Best Zero Waste Floss (Eco Friendlly Brand)

Like most people, I find it hard to floss; when I do, my gums always bleed. The comic of the story is that I have conquered, and now I’m about to show us how I discovered a floss that is very healthy and eco-friendly.

Zero waste floss is floss that is sustainable and biodegradable, I noticed that sometimes, we couldn’t help but succumb to the pressure from our dentists, who usually stress the importance of flossing, but the truth remains that many haven’t found the perfect fit that will give us the best utility. Discovering this zero-waste dental floss has been a breakthrough for many.

I will open our eyes to the best no-waste floss I discovered alongside other flossing alternatives, and I’m sure you will be able to find your best fit among them.


According to my deep study, some of these dental floss is made of harmful chemicals like perfluorohexane indirectly finds a way into our bloodstream and causes immune system breakdown, liver damage, and terrible side effect.

Until I found out these zero waste dental floss is made of candelilla wax, a natural vegetable wax void of any harmful chemical.

These flosses are made from organic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients, and these ingredients do not threaten wildlife or human. They are sustainable, biodegradable, and compostable floss. They are also known to be eco-friendly floss from natural silk and cornstarch.



For the past years, I have discovered sustainable floss; there are questions I ask myself to ascertain if the flosses are eco-friendly. Here are how I determine an eco-friendly floss:

Is it from a sustainable source?

From a sustainable source, here I mean a zero waste made of natural silk, its coating done with a candelilla wax; not perfluorinated chemicals or PFCs, which are petrochemicals associated with many ill health destructions.

What’s its decomposition duration:

Under normal circumstances, nylon dental lace takes over 80 years to decompose. Talk about these plastic containers, which take over 500 years to biodegrade. 

Most times, this floss spreads around in our environment and indirectly finds its way to the water bodies and into that aquatic wildlife, thereby causing health problems for our planet.

Is it vegan and cruelty-free?

Animals tend to move more into extinction if we use them as dental floss raw materials, but zero waste eco-friendly floss is made from plant-based based natural ingredients.

Is the company environmentally conscious?

Any company or brand that is eco-friendly, that virtue shows in the choice of ingredients and packaging. Our ability to check and detect brands whose floss is sustainable and eco-friendly will help advance our planet.


Let’s dive into knowing the best 10 zero waste floss which is sustainable and eco-friendly: 

EcoRoots Dental Floss (Most Budget)

EcoRoots dental floss

I know that we want our teeth to sparkle so and neat. This zero floss is made with charcoal, giving us the whitening effect we need. 

EcoRoots are gotten from a combination of candelilla wax and bamboo fiber, they both are natural biodegradable materials.

This purchase has no extra waste or environmental harm because the outside box is cardboard and can be recycled or composted.

The floss is on a downside because it’s made to be so strong, so it’s not so good for people with tightly spaced teeth.


  • Compostable bamboo fiber
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Has activated charcoal for whitening effect.
  • Biodegradable and vegan candelilla wax.
  • Organic peppermint flavor 
  • Recyclable or biodegradable cardboard packing


  • Not ideal for crowded teeth because it is relatively thick.

About EcoRoot:

EcoRoot was founded by Antonia Pitica, who believes that our everyday self-care routine shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet. They aim to produce the best Eco-friendly and zero-waste products through plastic-free packaging. They run affairs to satisfy their customers, so they pay attention to valuable feedback and suggestions from their customers.

Available at: Eco Roots

Etee Dental Floss (Most gently minted)

Etee dental floss

This floss can be considered environmentally beneficial because its main ingredients can decompose naturally. Etee uses mulberry silk and candelilla wax, making their dental Floss one of the best fits for zero waste flossing.

The peppermint flavor of the floss makes it ideal for keeping your mouth feeling clean and fresh after meals.

Dental floss from Etee is available in a reusable glass tube with an optional stainless steel floss cutter. There is also no waste because the individual wrappings are biodegradable cornstarch.


  • Natural and biodegradable mulberry silk
  • Natural peppermint flavoring
  • Candelilla wax which is environmentally friendly and vegan
  • Biodegradable cornstarch packaging
  • Reusable glass tube with floss cutter


  • To some persons, they may feel minor discomfort.
  • Non-vegan

About Etee:

At Etee, their mission is to “ignite the flame for widespread change in the way consumer package goods add value for people and planet.” They are all about generating a genuine solution to the plastic pollution we face. And they are actualizing this vision by producing products that are healthy, sustainable, and in great harmony with our planet.

Available at: Shopee

Treebrid Dental Floss (Top overall)

Treebrid dental floss

This TreeBird Biodegradable Dental Floss is the third product I would like us to look at.

The natural mint flavor of this dental floss made me floss for the first time since it tastes so good and leaves my mouth smelling so pleasantly fresh.

The benefits of TreeBird dental floss extend beyond your oral health, though. The floss is compostable after use because it comprises natural silk fibers.

This plastic-free floss comes in a recyclable glass container, and its paper packaging is biodegradable. Therefore, once this dental floss finishes, there won’t be any leftover waste.

This eco-dental floss isn’t necessarily the strongest available, and it has been known to break when used on highly tight teeth.


  • 100 percent compostable silk
  • Freshens breathe with natural mint oil
  • Reusable glass container
  • Candelilla wax that is vegan
  • Biodegradable Kraft paper package 


  • It’s not too strong and can crack amid tightly packed teeth.
  • Non-vegan

About Treebird:

Treebird believes so much in the process “we don’t think that brands are launched. Rather it is cultivated, nurtured, and watered.

Beyond being a zero waste and Eco-friendly brand, Treebird has a touch of excellence radiated inside and outside, starting from the creative director Jaci Lund and other team members.

Available at: Tree Bird Eco

JnL Naturals Floss ( Most simple home-made)

JnL Naturals Floss

This floss is entirely vegan and created from plant-based components, so everything in it is naturally derived.

The floss will break down after being disposed of because it is biodegradable.

Nothing needs to be wasted because JnL Naturals packages its floss in both recyclable cardboard and a reusable glass tube.

Only 30 meters of floss are contained in each container, though. For reference, most dental floss items begin at lengths of 50 meters.


  • 100% plant-based
  • Biodegradable and suitable for vegans.
  • Glass tube that is compact and convenient for traveling.
  • A reusable cardboard box, it’s available in a recyclable multi-pack.


  • 30 meters maximum per package; limited availability.

About Jnl Naturals :

J& las short abbreviated meaning Jenn and Laith, husband and wife who had a passion for nature and earth-friendly living.

Jul Naturals believe that it’s not enough to take from nature but to also care for it, that’s  why they practice sustainability and take responsibility in ensuring that their ingredients are all-natural, with No sneaky chemicals or unnecessary fragrances.

Available at: JN Naturals

Dental Lace Dental Floss (Most sustainable)

Dental Lace dental floss

“Dental Lace” as a brand upholds the standard “No Plastic packaging,” which makes their product zero waste floss is plastic free.

All of their raw materials are gotten from a biodegradable and sustainable source.

Its reusable glass container is compostable, and bioplastic wrapping makes up the package, which is also environmentally beneficial.

The dental lace also tastes lovely when used and has the extra benefit of refreshing your breath because it has a mint flavor.

The main drawback is that it sheds slightly in areas with more teeth.


  • Biodegradable mulberry silk
  • 60 total meters in a 2-pack
  • Biodegradable and vegan candelilla wax
  • Compostable packaging made of bioplastic
  • Pleasant and deodorizing mint flavor


  • The little shedding makes it unsuitable for crowded teeth.
  • Non-Vegan

About Dental Lace: 

This is one of the most sustainable zero waste flocs companies whose its 

mission to get rid of plastic on our planet.

Jodi, the founder of Dental lace, started this company out of her passion for oral hygiene and to eliminate the need for waste in everyday oral care.

With the help of her husband, they researched and collaborated with friend, family, and their local community to produce Eco-friendly floss.

Available at: Denal Lace

KMH Touches Dental Floss (Most ginger flavored)

KMH touches dental floss

Using corn fiber and candelilla wax as ingredients makes Flosspot a brand with environmental consciousness.

The packaging is presented with a recyclable cardboard tube and a reusable stainless steel tube.

The natural and unique ginger mint flavoring added to this floss makes it efficient, environmentally beneficial, and enjoyable to use

Given that this floss product is more pricey than average, we wouldn’t suggest it if you’re on a tight budget. 


  • Convertible corn fiber
  • The stainless steel tube is entirely plant-based.
  • vegan-friendly
  • Reusable packaging is made of cardboard.
  • Ginger-mint flavor.


  • High cost – Not a good choice for those on a tight budget

About KMH touches flosspot:

This brand has flosspot Gold as one of its products as a zero waste floss. At first, they began with a brush made with bamboo and migrated to an Eco-friendly and new bamboo straw.

KMH holds a verified and valid health Canada  medical device establishment license which makes them strive to the standard of sustainability and Eco-friendly in their production and packaging.

Available at: KMH Touches

Georganics Dental Floss (Most charcoal activated)

Georganics dental floss

The floss has been strengthened and lubricated with vegetable wax, making it comfortable and simple. The wax is appropriate for vegans and biodegrades because it is also plant-based.

This floss from Georganics contains activated charcoal, which has teeth-whitening characteristics, so it’s a beautiful option if you want to remove stubborn stains from the grooves of your teeth.

The floss is packaged in a reusable glass tube surrounded by compostable cardboard.

However, the floss spools from Georganics have changed in size, so they no longer fit in the earlier containers.

This is bad because it decreases the dispenser’s ability to be reused. But aside from that, this is a fantastic eco-friendly floss!


  • Vegan-friendly
  • Plant-based and biodegradable corn fiber
  • It has activated charcoal in it, which whitens teeth.
  • Vegetable wax is suitable for vegans.
  • Reusable glass tube 
  • compostable cardboard packaging


  • Old containers do not fit new floss lengths, which compromises the packaging’s capacity to be reused.

About Georganics brand:

At Georganics, they aim to make a natural and sustainable oral care option for everyone. Their product is natural conscious and aimed at minimizing environmental impact. 

The 3 watchword is good, earth, and organics to obtain a healthy and Eco-friendly lifestyle.

Available at: Georganics

SmileBoutiques Dental Floss (Most expensive)

SmileBoutiques dental floss

Zero waste flossing with a whitening effect is one quality we check out when making a floss purchase. Smileboutiques dental floss uses activated charcoal to achieve that.

It’s also coated with candelilla wax. These goods readily slide through even crowded teeth without breaking.

Both bamboo and corn fiber floss is non-toxic and biodegradable, making us healthy and environmentally favorable.

They are available in 2-packs and are packaged in reusable glass tubes for better value. 


  • Vegan-friendly
  • Corn or bamboo fibers are both natural and biodegradable.
  • Bamboo product with activated charcoal for teeth whitening.
  • Glass tubes that can be refilled
  • Using candelilla wax is simple and effective.
  • Chemical-free making it safe for the environment.


  • Very expensive – High-end pricing

About smile boutiques brand: 

Smile boutique is an Eco-friendly company located in Toronto which is aimed at producing sustainable products with the best-assured quality.

They take their customers as their number one priority and work hard to maintain a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with them

Available at: Smile Boutiques

EcoGirl Dental Floss (Most Eco-Friendly)

EcoGirl dental floss

The environmentally friendly dental floss market is fiercely competitive with EcoGirl’s Biodegradable Dental Floss.

This one of the most significant environmentally friendly biodegradable floss items is made from silk fibers and coated with candelilla wax.

Since the item is sold in a pack of 3, you get more floss for your money than you would if you bought a single spool.

The floss has a total length of 90 meters, so one purchase will last you a while.

This floss is thicker than typical nylon floss, so individuals with less packed teeth may benefit from using it.


  • 100% silk fibers
  • The biodegradable Candelilla wax and environmentally friendly lubricant
  • Recyclable or reusable dispenser made of stainless steel
  • Available in 3-packs 
  • The total length of 90 meters 


  • Non-vegan
  • Best for teeth that are not crowded but moderately thick.

About EcoGirl brand:

As the name eco girl implies, this brand puts people and the planet first when deciding the products to manufacture.

Due to their love for nature, they partnered with an eco-friendly company named “One Tree Planted” before 2021, EcoGirl was able to plant 1355 trees, and their target for 2022  is to plant 2022 trees.

Available at: Eco Girl Shop

The Humble Co. Dental floss( Most interdental brush)

The Humble Co. dental floss

Although it may not be the most eco-friendly dental floss on our list, The Humble Co.’s Fresh Mint Dental Floss is a decent, affordable first step in reducing the environmental damage caused by our dental floss.

Because the floss is constructed of nylon fibers, it cannot be composted or biodegraded.

The fiber is BPA-free. BPA is a chemical connected to several types of cancer and neurological disorders.

The fact that this floss is BPA-free is comforting because goods containing BPA can harm wildlife and contaminate water bodies when disposed of

Additionally, the floss is waxed with vegan and cruelty-free candelilla wax. The breath-freshening qualities of this dental floss come from natural flavors

Since the package is entirely made of cardboard, it may be recycled after use.


  • recyclable cardboard packaging
  • Non-toxic BPA
  • Entirely made of vegan ingredients. 
  • It also eliminates oral odor.
  • Reasonably priced and cost-effective


  • Non-biodegradable nylon fibers.

About The HumbleCo brand:

Since 2013, humbleco has been producing products that are good for us and kind to our planet. These products are designed and produced by dentists who strive to make sustainable products like biodegradable floss. They are located in Sweden and from there start spreading abroad.

Available at: The Humble Co


zero wase floss alernative

Diy Dental Floss:

The cotton thread, the conventional material for floss, breaks easily and gets stuck between the floss. The DIY dental floss serves as a substitute for it. It’s made of an upcycled silk cloth. You might consider using one of your old silk blouses as a zero-waste floss supply. You can also use non-abrasive thread as DIY floss.  They are practical and Eco-friendly.

Reusable Dental Floss Holder:

Most people indeed find it difficult to hold the floss with their hands. However, your two hands are the most sustainable dental floss holder. All other floss holders are made of plastics that can’t be reused. They are Non-biodegradable and harmful to the environment.

Zero-waste Mouth Wash Tab:

Some substances are often neglected, but it is one of the adequate dental care substitutes that can easily be used.   A few of them are aloe vera and baking soda. You can use these substances as your liquid mouth wash. One good thing about the substances mentioned above is that they are active and environmentally friendly

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most Eco-friendly way to floss?

The most Eco-friendly way to floss is by switching to any of these zero waste Eco-friendly floss like Etee, Dental lace, and treebirds.

Is there a reusable dental floss?

No, one floss can be used twice, it’s not healthy, but there are many reusable floss containers or cardboard.

How can I waste less floss?

You can minimize waste of floss by using zero waste floss, which is more Eco-friendly.

Is biodegradable floss compostable?

Yes, biodegradable floss is compostable.

Are floss picks terrible for the environment?

Dental floss pick made of plastic materials is terrible for the environment.

Is silk floss better for the environment?

Yes, natural silk floss is the best for our environment.

What can I use instead of tooth floss? 

Other dental flossing options include DIY dental floss, reusable dental floss holder, etc.


I believe that we have been exposed to the best zero-waste floss that is healthy and eco-friendly for us.

There are also other flossing alternatives as we considered above. Best for me are Treebirds, Dental lace, and georganics floss.

Can I hear your best for the comment session.

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